•  Dissemination to stakeholders: we rely on your community leadership to distribute the resources and materials we have developed, including the Guidance Documents.  



  • Consultations and adaptation: we encourage you to facilitate meetings in which specific contexts and details are worked into the Guidances and other materials, adapting them to your local circumstances. 

    • To help facilitate this, feel free to use these thematic presentations corresponding to each of the presentations. The presentations are available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. 

  • Share: once adapted, we hope that you will share this material with us. 


  • For your ongoing communication, we would like you to complete a database mapping your regional constituents. We encourage you to use this sample from  East Asia and Pacific Region database, and we encourage you to use it as a model for how to build the mapping.  Local FBOs will identified and included in the mapping.


Moving forward, creating Joint Plans of Action will be the major way of concretizing this partnership, aligning national responses to COVID-19 with an international structure and Risk Communication and Community Engagement Plans. In order to develop, jointly implement, and monitor these plans, there will be a need for a tripartite governance mechanism that brings together in a systematic way the three constituents of the partnership - RfP, UNICEF and JLI international FBOs. To this end, you may view a draft template of  the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the proposed country-levelcountry level interfaith governance structure. 


We encourage you to review this TOR with local stakeholders to consider your adaptation for the regional and community context.