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Main faith groups:

  • Buddhism (96.9%)

  • Islam

  • Christianity

  • Other Religious Practices

                                                                     - Pew-Templeton Global Religious Futures Project

Religious leaders are a respected voice in society and people listen to them in a manner that they will not listen to anyone else – coming from a trusted source of cultural tradition, respect and morality. 



Religious  context 

Main Faith-Based Organization Partners: Buddhist Pagodas; Buddhism Leadership Initiative (BLI)
Main government affiliates: Ministry of Cults and Religion


Priorities: Child Protection; HIV and AIDS

Social and Behaviour Change Expected:

  • Individual monks, children and adults identify safe places and engage in none violence with peers 

  • Parents and caregivers increase their knowledge and adopt positive behaviour that protects children against violence

  • Community provides enabling environment of support to protect children from violence and support vulnerable families to protect children or to access necessary services

  • Buddhist monks in Pagodas increase awareness about violence against children, adopt positive parenting, practice none violence to young monks and children staying in pagoda. 

  • Development of the Pagoda Child Safeguarding Policy and child protection code of conduct 

  • Develop pagoda child protection training curriculum for the monks to increase awareness in the community

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